Caster Issue 02

by Vivek Goel
  • Paperback: 20 pages
  • Publisher: HolyCow Entertainment
  • Language: English
  • Writer : Anirudh Singh
  • Penciler: Gaurav Shrivastav
  • Colorist: Prasad Patnaik
  • COVER ART : Vivek Goel




Caster issue 2:

Dive deep into a spectacular universe that exists beyond our own. A universe of spirits, angels and demons. Explore the afterlife like never before as you soar through the dark skies of Hell and find your way onto the stairway to Heaven. Danny Matthew’s dark night of the soul continues in Caster Issue #2 as he discovers his amazing new powers and tries to protect his soul from a demonic enemy straight from the pits of hell.
Cast ye’, who is without sin!
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