Shaitaan Issue 3

by Vivek Goel
Delivery date: 1 week
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: HolyCow Entertainment
  • Language: English
  • Writer : Anirudh Singh
  • Penciler: Gaurav Shrivastav
  • Colorist: Prasad Patnaik
  • COVER ART : Vivek Goel

Description Lines are drawn and choices are made. The epic saga unfolding on Astola island continues with Shaitan Issue #3. The distant past is revealed in all it’;s glory and it raises new questions of it’;s own. What relation does Shaitan have to Netaji? What strange powers hide within this enigmatic silent soldier?Will Lena ever discover what truly happened on the island? What secrets are buried down here since the Second World War? Witness the pulse pounding action of Shaitan first-hand. Breathe in the dramatic artwork of Gaurav Srivastav and the vivid colors of Prasad Patnaik, in tune to an enigmatic script by Anirudh Singh.

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