03 TNT (Taranath Tantrik) City of Sorrows Issue 3

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Sneha Bose, Shankar’s girlfriend finds out about her past. Rono Niyogi the infamous police chief nicknamed as the ‘Butcher of Calcutta’ was her father. This inadvertently makes her a target for Arko Roy the new age necromancer who is hellbent on destroying Rono Niyogi’s legacy and the entire city of Kolkata. TnT, Shankar and Vibhuti finds out about the identity of the mastermind behind the horrible outbreaks of madness in the city through a supernatural source. TnT remembers that Arko was a part of his shameful past as well, and he is partly responsible for training the necromancer. Will TnT, Shankar and Vibhuti be able to stop Arko from harming Sneha and fulfilling his vengeance?