04 TNT (Taranath Tantrik) City of Sorrows Issue 4 FINALE

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With the revelation of Sneha’s father, the late infamous cop Ronojoy Niyog;i she exposes herself to severe danger. Arko Roy infiltrates ABN news network and joins Sneha disguised as her camera man Bilu to cover the launch of new Metro trains in Kolkata. Arko has planned genocide of a scale never seen in India and nothing can stop him as TnT and his friends Shankar and Vibhu got the news too late. To Arko’s chagrin as he enters the station premise he sees the inauguration is held by travel and transport minister Soumen Roy, who tortured and killed his father alongside Rono Niyogi during the Naxalite period in 70’s Calcutta. Arko’s rage and thirst for revenge leads him to do the unthinkable. Will TnT and Co. be able to save Kolkata from being ‘The City of Sorrows’? The pulse pounding finale of the TnT saga ends with a massive 64 page tome to be released in Pune Comicon 2016.

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